Meet Kelly

Content Writing
Project Management
Virtual Assistance

The Short...

I’m a digital wordsmith and creative who has turned her habits of perfectionism into a tool to assist others get their point across. I love fresh ideas and relatable, punchy marketing tactics that will make you giggle. Helping startups get going by assisting with conceptualizing an identity for their brands is my thing. 

The Long...

Since a child, I’ve always had an interest in turning simple thoughts into stories. It began as creative storytelling by listening to early 00’s R&B and Pop music, reciting the lyrics, and creating music video scenarios out of the songs. Later on, I began to write poems and short stories about feelings that would come up to pass around to my peers in middle and high school. Writing, then, became a long time mission for me to master over time.

The mission of my work is always to provoke an emotion. With everything I write, I strive to make someone feel something below the surface level, hoping to have made a difference in their life. In addition, with my work, I would like to encourage gathering a community, which is how I came into content and copywriting.

Previously, I’ve contributed to online publications and communities with a focus on music, entertainment, mental health, and personal development. My roles have been illustrated as Copywriter, Content Curator, Lead Editor, and Social Media Manager. I am eager and looking forward to expanding my skillset in different genres and modalities. In 2021, I have published my debut novella, It Is What It Is…, a compilation of short love* stories. I’m looking forward to publishing more in the near future!

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