There’s Something to Love in Every Zodiac Sign

Astrology has never been a clear cut and dry thing. There are many layers to it. While it is mostly looked at as something fun to discover, I like to use it as a life tool for my personal growth. Many like to look at the zodiac signs and compare them to the people in their lives. This tends to lead to poor judgment of the entire sign based on their personal experiences with people. I used to do that until I learned more about Astrology and its depth. We all have multiple signs that make up our being, so writing off certain signs is not realistic. I hate to break it to you, but that sign you hate most could be one of your big 3, love.

I’ve learned to look deeper into each sign and learn all of their qualities, good and bad. Being interested in Astrology and using it as a means to self assess, I didn’t have much of a choice– As a Pisces, I embody the wisdom of every sign in the zodiac. People like to point out why they hate certain signs or love them. Of course, I have my preferred signs, but I’ve learned to appreciate something in each one.

Aries – Fiery babies. Just about everything about them. They are all about action and extremely smart. Although sometimes impulsive, they are observant and extremely intuitive once they tap in.

Taurus – Patience is their virtue. They are so, so damn patient. It takes a lot to get them out of character. But once someone has gotten them there, they’re done and a Taurus never forgets. They exemplify a different type of strength– Not physically but mentally.

Gemini– Their duality is unmatched. I love that they’re able to speak to and relate to virtually anyone. They are the leaders of any social setting. Their ability to command a room just by smiling is a quality many WISH they had. You either love them or hate them, get them, or don’t.

Cancer – The nurturer. Cancers are sassy but very sensitive. I love that they will nurture you, give you attention, and make you feel wanted. They’ll cook you a good meal and keep you entertained with the most random things.

Leo – The innovator. Leos are so creative, man. They always find a way to make something out of nothing. Whenever I want an aesthetic, a look, a vibe, I know I can turn to a Leo and they will somehow create a masterpiece. They are extremely resourceful!

Virgo – Etherial. Virgos are beauty personified– Not just physically but internally. In turn, they also love to create beautiful things. They adore domestication, which makes being around a Virgo very comforting. If home was a person, Virgos would definitely be that.

Libra – The comedians. They are so funny. I don’t even know why. Libra’s have gotten the best laughs from me. The way a Libra’s mind works is amazing to me. They are witty, quick, and just silly all around.

Scorpio – The mysterious one. Their will power is something I envy. Scorpios will also keep something under, lock, key, passcode, and finger scanner. They don’t let people in until they have properly assessed and evaluated people.

Sagittarius – Wild minds. I love that Sagittariuses are just as hard as they are soft. They are so multi-layered. I heavily relate to Saggitaruses because we get each other’s crazy thoughts– We both have crazy imaginations.

Capricorn – Laser focus. Capricorns are extremely determined— If they want something they will find a way to make it happen. Of course, this could lean towards psychotic behavior, but we all have a little of that inside of us. They love a challenge and aren’t afraid to approach anything.

Aquarius – The chameleon. Aquariuses are great alone and with a group of people. They can relate to almost anything and everyone and that makes them likable, almost irresistibly so. They are also amazing hype men because they also want to see their community win.

Pisces – The wonderer. Pisces are like the 9th wonder of the world. They have a little bit of everything within them and with that their imagination runs wild. They can tap into the energy of anything and energetically scan them to decide if they want to interact with that. The way Pisces processes information is a work of art.

Which signs do you think are my favorite? The signs I can’t stand? What are your signs and preferred signs? Let me know in the comments below!

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